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Review: Bears in the Streets

#BearsintheStreets is "worth reading... the journey is unique, its nuance appreciated, its message welcomed." Thanks for great review, Russia Reviewed!

The moment I saw the title of this travelogue, I figured it was going to be either a subversion or full embrace of the “backwards Russia” trope. To my delight, it was the former –…

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Lisa Dickey, author's cover photo

Speaking at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in November 2017. #BearsintheStreets #Russia #Nonfiction

1 month ago

Looking forward to speaking on this stage tomorrow at U.S. Chamber of Commerce! Thanks for the fantastic backdrop. #BearsintheStreets

4 months ago
Opinion | When I Replaced Soviet Workers in the U.S. Embassy

The canning of 755 diplomatic workers in Russia this week reminded me of a similar mass expulsion in the 1980s -- which, oddly enough, led to my first real job. Read more in my new op-ed for the ... See more

Who will fill the 755 job vacancies just created by Putin? Maybe young Russophiles like me.

4 months ago
Full transcript: ‘Bears in the Streets’ author Lisa Dickey on Recode Decode

Here's @KaraSwisher introducing me on her @Recode Decode podcast -- as warm, charming, and caring as ever:

"Today in the red chair is Lisa Dickey, the authors of 'Bears in the Streets.' It’s a ... See more

Russians and Americans have more in common than they know.

5 months ago
Russians and Americans are more similar than they realize, ‘Bears in the Streets’ author Lisa Dickey says

Everybody's talking 'bout Russia again... but what's going on outside the Kremlin walls? What are the Russian people really like? I give my 20-year perspective today on Kara Swisher's Recode Decode ... See more

Not all Americans are Donald Trump, so we shouldn’t think of all Russians as being Vladimir Putin, Dickey says on Recode Decode.

5 months ago

Thanks, Warwick's! Had a blast hanging out with you all. #BearsintheStreets #Russia

Last night, Warwick's welcomed author Lisa Dickey to discuss and sign her new book #bearsinthestreets. Lisa traveled across the whole of Russia three times--in 1995, 2005 and 2015--making friends in ... See more

6 months ago
My name is Lisa Dickey, and I traveled across Russia three times -- in 1995, 2005 and 2015 -- interviewing the same ordinary Russians in 11 different cities to see how their lives had changed. AMA! • r/IAmA

Got questions about #Russia? Ask me anything! #RedditAMA #Reddit #BearsintheStreets

Hello, Reddit! I’m Lisa Dickey, author of Bears in the Streets: Three Journeys Across a Changing Russia. In 1995, just four years after the USSR...

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Today at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT: Ask me anything on #Reddit! Because Putin ≠ Russia. #BearsintheStreets #RedditAMA

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Which American sitcoms do Russians love? Find out in my interview with Foreign Policy Interrupted!

(OK, maybe not the most vital news of the day, but aren't you just a teeny bit curious?) ... See more

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